April 2016

Affirmation: Silence the voice of self-criticism

I silence the voice of self-criticism. I don’t even hear self-criticism speak when it tries to get my attention. It doesn’t have anything good to say. All it does is paralyze me on the road to self-improvement. I will not allow self criticism to stop progress again. I stop critical thoughts from taking up valuable space in my mind. I expose self-criticism when it comes disguised as self-reflection or self-improvement.

We Gotta Ask Pregnant Moms Who Are Survivors Better Questions

When  a close relative, Morgan*,  announced her pregnancy our family was ecstatic!  I had to hear hear every detail. By this time my own pregnancy was like 15 years ago and I I was too young, sick, and terrified to appreciate the whole miracle.  Yes, I was reliving my pregnancy through her.  She didn’t mind.  I checked. I know I can get bossy and not in a good way all

How the Hopeless Find Hope Again

My Granny had a saying, “You have got to reach up and git yo self, now.”  She always said it with such a stern voice.  I think because of that I missed the love that was within her message.  She would say this to you if you were outwardly distressed, angry, anxious, or having some sort of breakdown. In fact, it was a common phrase said amongst older black southerners.