February 2016

How Survivors of Sexual & Domestic Violence Can Make History

Fannie Lou Hamer! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr! Rosa Parks! Angela Davis! Dr. Maya Angelou! Nina Simone! Malcolm X! Names you’ve heard.    Just judging by who is mentioned during Black History Month, it might seem that, in order to make history one must make a name for oneself.    That is how you make history. Right? Well my fellow Survivors I submit to you that though it may seem

3 Powerful Black Women Who Made History Share Experiences with Violence and Abuse

revised from 2/22/16 Dorothy Dandridge When the Beyhive stings, it is in part because they are tired of losing talented Black women to racism.   Women like, Dorothy Dandridge.  But for racism, she would have had a career on par with Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe.  I first discovered this beautiful woman in middle school.    It was either Ebony or Essence magazine that had done a feature story on

Silent Lies: Why Black Women Must Continue to Lead the Resistance

“I learned how to stand up for myself from the civil rights movement. We learned from you.”   Original post appeared 7/22/15 (updated) Tonya, did you know?   Those were the words spoken to me by the then reigning Ms. Wheelchair VA many, many years ago.    She and I had just presented a workshop together.  I must tell you, though due to her disability, she doesn’t speak clearly.   I

I Will Survive: How Survivor Gloria Gaynor Keeps Inspiring Decades After the Release of Grammy Winning Song

At First I Was… When we have been wounded we must heal.  To do that, I think we all use a combination of tools.  Some of them are good for us.  Some of them ain’t, okay. Some days, I recall the alarm disrupting my sleep, and the sun rudely throwing light into my bedroom.  I didn’t feel like moving. I didn’t feel like talking. I didn’t want to separate my eyelids. I just didn’t

What Racists and Child Rape Apologists Have in Common

People against progress would like you to think that systemic rape of women of color ended with slavery.   That is categorically untrue.   Victims/Survivors know it.    The perpetrators know it.   And, our “allies” of all shades and genders know it.   But on this first day of Black History Month I would like to honor a brave soul who fought against it with all that she had.