January 2016

Caught in the Hive: The Youth Lead

Online Web Conference: Building a Movement to End Child Sexual Abuse                          Sexual Violence Zachary Miller wants to give hope to other survivors of child sexual abuse Congratulations to this courageous young Survivor! Boys’ club ‘a sitting duck’ for child sexual abuse, Anglican ex-priest and paedophile says I would add that any poorly managed/monitored group or family is a sitting

Survivors Breaking the Rules and Telling the Truth about Healing

Today, my mind is tough, resilient, empathetic, compassionate, kind, loving, strategic, and wise. My physical health is a mess.  I have my experiences with rape as a child to thank for that. Every time that I see the headlines panicking about the next health crisis that is out of control I do wonder if they are asking these people whether or not they have suffered trauma. “Alcoholism in Women” “Pain

From All Angles: 4 Ways Survivor Speakers Can Help Folks Heal, Know, & Grow

Domestic and Sexual Violence are tough issues to discuss.  BUT, thankfully, speakers have quite a few options for approaching the topic.  In this blog post, I just list four.   Trust me, there are so many styles and tools at a speaker’s disposal.  You are only limited by the ceiling of your creativity, and your courage.  Alright y’all, here are the four…….   Storytelling/Dramatic:     Since the beginning of time elders,

Financial Cost of Abuse Stopabusecampaign.com: The Cost of Child Sexual Abuse:  As expensive as child sexual abuse is for the Catholic church, it’s more expensive for taxpayers MaleSurvivor.org:  Child Abuse and Neglect Cost the U.S. $124 Billion dollars. Trafficking ArkofHopeforChildren.org: Child Sex Trade in America Celebrity/Fame  TheAtlantic.com:  Bill Cosby and His Enablers Survivor Issues Survivors are not going to always agree on how we deal with our issues.  One issue of

Another Definition of Living in the Moment for Survivors

Last night there was another awards show in Hollywood.  Don’t we love those?  Even if we don’t watch them, we just love looking at the fashions.  That whole Best and Worst list.  The hairstyles.  Jewelry.  Most of us will never buy it, but it is nice to see.Red carpet shopping.  Well, last night, an actress won yet another award for her acting talent. She is 25, pretty, and appeals to a

Want More Joy in 2016?

Readers, we are HERE! 2016! Let us be excited for great things to arrive.   25  New year’s RESOLUTIONs That will Bring you More Joy in 2016 A fresh year gives you the opportunity to make resolutions that will make your life happier in the upcoming year.  Theplans you make for the next year matter, so you’ll want to carefully consider your resolutions.  Consider these resolutions to fill your life