October 2015

No Justice, No Piece:  To Organizations, Movements, & Activists Who Are Not Yet Intersectional

They say one of the number one reasons that marriages end is because of money.  I understand that.  When I first got married, money was a serious discussion. Right away one of our major differences was the way that we give to charities and causes.  We absolutely did not support the same types of causes.  So that caused friction.  Him: You don’t even know what those people are doing with

Is this the Real Truth about Sexual Violence that No One Wants to Say Out Loud

Okay. True stuff.   I have a condition called fibromyalgia.   I know. Most people have never heard of it, but it has been known about for centuries.  All I can tell you is I am in physical pain 24/7 365.  I am exhausted, etc. etc. etc. But I am also happy, filled with joy, love, hope, gratitude, humor, wisdom, and curiosity. So, I’m blessed. But check this out:   About 2

Lena Dunham, The Duggars & Activists: The Low Down on a Divide in the Activist Community:

Update: 10/24/2015 While researching another post I discovered that there were several other bloggers and websites who had taken the position that Lena Dunham, by her own admission, had groomed and molested her sister as a child. Add WESurviveAbuse to that list. While I don’t agree with every point of view put forth, I do agree that accountability is important to victims/Survivors and society.  Links are at the bottom of

Why I am So Thankful for the Sacrifices that Black Folks are Making to Fight Sexual Violence

It stings.  It burns. It hurts like hell.  You will never forget the pain.  All wounds must be thoroughly cleaned in order to effectively heal. When I was a kid I cut my left knee on a metal sliding board. I remember screaming like somebody sliced my knee off.  The gash was no bigger than a dime, but I was one of those kind of girls. Intense and dramatic. My

CLOSED FOR RIOTS: How One Black Woman Riots Against Racism

  Update:  This was published August 30, 2015. Remember that day? I do. Driver Samuel DuBose was shot in the head by a campus police officer in the head. It was on video. I didn’t want to see it, but it was everywhere. I sobbed that day.    Soon I had to find a way to deal. So I took it old school.  See, racism isn’t new but seeing it

How Anger Helps Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Imagine it is your 18th birthday.   A well dressed stranger comes to your home. He has news for you. He tells you that you have inherited $550 million dollars payable upon your 18th birthday.   Hey! That is today. You jump up and down.  Cry, get excited.  Dance.  Think of everything that you will buy. Think of all the people that you will buy great things for.   You calm down a

How  Perseverance Can Take You Directly to Your Passion and Purpose

Not my son J, but handsome young man. So, I’m on the sidelines of a high school lacrosse game.  The only parent looking like she was going to an evening PTA meeting by the way.  Wearing a catalog model’s blouse with matchy-matchy slacks. All that was missing was the pearls.     Arms distance away from me was the coach from the opposing team needed either a hug or the

High Five from WESurvive: 3 Crucial Life Lessons from Survivor LaQuisha Hall

Survivors are my favorite people.  Hands down, no contest. I love their war stories, their wisdom, their testimony.  They inspire me.  I weep with them.  I serve them. I fight with them in battle. I’d like to bring to your attention some of the awesome Survivors doing great things.  WE call it: High Five from WESurvive Meet Our Honoree Our first honoree is Mrs. LaQuisha Hall. I am so proud

Safe Space is Beyond the Comfort Zone

  Folks, I just created another information product.  It really doesn’t come easy. What I mean by that is I love to pass on information and knowledge.   But sometimes creating information products makes me think of those late night sales pitchy things.   Still, I do think that Survivors and allies need specialized products for ourselves.  Just for us.  So I create what I wish was out there to