21 Affirmations that Summon Serenity

21 Affirmations that Summon Serenity

I don’t know about you, but I crave peace, serenity, and relaxation. Just because there are moments of crisis and chaos in life doesn’t mean that I have to participate by losing my hard fought for inner peace.  Therefore, I always keep tools and resources around to help me return to a state of ease […]

Survivor Affirmation: I Love Myself Because (video) 1

Survivor Affirmation: I Love Myself Because (video)

Self love is very important to every individual life. As the legendary Whitney Houston once sang, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.  Still, loving oneself can become even more challenging due to toxic social environmental factors like racism, ableism, and other oppressions. Unfortunately, tragic life events like violence and trauma can also erode self love. […]

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FREE Friday: Downloadable Freebies for Survivors and Parents

What a week! WE made it. Please enjoy these FREE downloads.         365 Days of Motivation A complete ebook download of one year’s worth of quotes.   Say “No” and Tell Me If A study commissioned by Lauren Book founder of Laurenskids.org found that 48% of respondents felt that discussing child sexual abuse could scare […]

6 Ways Asking for Help Enriches Your Life

I realize that in our society, it is almost fashionable to come down on someone in need.  Unfortunately, this keeps millions upon millions of Survivors in locked an endless cycle of shame, guilt, depression, hopelessness, anger, and confusion. I’m afraid that the reality is that there will always be when a Survivor reaches out for help, someone […]

Survivor Life Hacks: Links to 14 Powerful Articles on Healing & Thriving

One important lesson I learned about surviving after trauma is: You must stay powered up at all times. The most successful Survivors of trauma have something at least one thing in common. They surround themselves with positivity. They may read positive articles, quotes, and books. They may listen to affirmations. They speak positively. They hang […]